ART'S COOL with Ken Goshen

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | AMA #3

August 14, 2021 Ken Goshen Episode 16
ART'S COOL with Ken Goshen
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | AMA #3
Show Notes

Today’s episode is absolutely packed with down-to-earth technical advice which I expect any painting enthusiast will appreciate, and a few inflammatory opinions which may or may not stir the pot. This episode is an Ask Me Anything episode, which means instead of having a guest I can question, the questions were directed at me by a panel of my Patreon supporters. We covered many important topics, such as: how to mix colors for figurative work, how to build confidence, issues regarding social media, the importance or lack thereof of art university degrees, the status of realism in the contemporary art discourse, discussions around supplies, how to use color theory to effectively push color beyond the boundaries of realism, the everlasting photographic reference conundrum, recommended limited palettes, how to use quick sketches to support ambitious projects, how to teach classical painterly principles to young children, and much much more. 

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