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The Death of Painting | Ilya Gefter

December 21, 2021 Ken Goshen Episode 18
ART'S COOL with Ken Goshen
The Death of Painting | Ilya Gefter
Show Notes

Painting has been proclaimed dead many times throughout history, and yet people like me and probably you continue to sling paint around, still believing it matters. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this true-crime episode, where we explore the alleged death-scenes, victims, and perpetrators. 

And what a treat, ladies and gentlemen, setting an ART’S COOL record, the great Ilya Gefter is back on the podcast for the 2nd episode in a row, and 3rd episode in total. I introduced Ilya when he first came on the show, which was episode 8, and from the feedback I’ve been getting about our most recent conversation I suspect Ilya will soon need no introduction. Ilya came up with this conversation topic, and I’m so fortunate to be able to engage with his ideas and insights - and to bring them to you. If you enjoy this episode and you want us to do more of these, make sure to follow Ilya on instagram and the rest of his social media pages which I’ll list in the show notes. Let him know you enjoyed his appearance on the show, and let’s hope he comes back for more, as we’ll all be the better for it. 

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